Even though it is sometimes very hard to do – we must learn to place ourselves totally in his hands – these retreats help us to do just that, to come and follow the example of Jesus and ‘come apart and rest awhile’.  Llandudno is just the place to do this and help is available if you need it.  It is a very safe place where you can be yourself and come closer to God and learn from the Master’s Feet.  A big thank you to Mo for all your help, guidance and encouragement – long may these retreats continue.

Grace, Little Hulton

‘The first time I went on a silent retreat I wondered why God was taking me to a place where, for most of the time, I would have to be silent. Since then, I have been back again and again. Each weekend is different, but they have been a wonderful mix of spiritual growth, learning, guidance, refreshment and reassurance. For me, these weekends have been life changing. They have drawn me closer to God, giving me a desire to spend more time with Him, not less, and they have helped me to listen for His voice, to understand more His tremendous love for me and to believe better that I can trust Him as I travel with Him and He with me.’

Elizabeth, Yorkshire

‘The Silent Retreats have provided a space away from the hustle and bustle of life to spend time with my Heavenly Father. As a result my relationship with Him has deepened as He has revealed more of His love for me transforming the way I see myself. A unique daughter, special in His sight.’

Julie, Manchester

‘Going to the Llandudno retreats has always been restorative for me, and always met me where I was. Once I spent hours just resting in God’s tangible embrace which was so what I needed at that time, after a recent bereavement. It was such a comfort.’

Sheila, Bury