Welcome to Be Still with God

Be Still with God is a way of encountering God in silence. It includes teaching on methods of prayer, particularly meditation and contemplation. At the centre of Christian experience is an encounter with a God whose love is more immense than we could ever hope for or imagine. More and more people are desiring a more authentic walk with God; a deeper understanding of who He is and who they are in Him.

Be Still with God is a non profit making organisation and exists only to encourage growth in spirituality and closeness with God.

COVID 19 update

So many changes have had to be made because of the pandemic BUT GOD has increased His work amongst us of drawing us closer to Himself and even to each other despite the distancing. We have not been able to meet physically but have had greater connection across the internet. We can say “But God…” indeed.

Self-catering weekends are not available because of people from different households sharing limited kitchen space BUT  we have booked a weekend in Llandudno in Nov 21. We do not know as yet if this will be catered or self-catered.

Sadly Katherine House has closed and travelling up and down the country has not been possible BUT there has been a growth of virtual quiet days at home via zoom and we have had people in the same ‘zoom’ from Yorkshire, Nottingham, Birmingham, West Sussex and Suffolk.

The Pilgrimage to the Holy land in May 2021 has had to be postponed BUT now there will hopefully be a trip in Oct 21 with places currently available and a trip in May ’22 which is nearly fully booked.

We send out fairly regular emails to folk who subscribe, to publicise our events. We will never pass email information to any 3rd party and it is very easy to unsubscribe at any time should you wish to do so with that opportunity given with every email.