What is a silent retreat?
Many of us live noisy, busy lives and it is hard to take time to rest, reflect and prioritise the things that are most important to our inner selves. We yearn for peace and feelings of wholeness and wellbeing. A silent retreat gives us time to withdraw from that busyness and noise; to focus and be still. At first it may be hard to remove all distractions. Being silent and still can be challenging in the beginning for some but then we discover that we are not alone and we have an opportunity to encounter the God whose name and nature is love. A silent retreat can be for a ‘Quiet Day’, a prayer weekend’ or a longer retreat e.g ‘Light out of darkness’.

What happens on a silent retreat?
After the first session on the Friday evening, of teaching on the particular theme of the weekend, the group goes into silence. There are several sessions together throughout the weekend when there is an opportunity to share together and for further teaching. In between times there is space to be alone with God which is a precious gift. Individual guidance is also available throughout the weekend.

What is a prayer weekend?
The weekend will begin on the Friday evening and ends mid Sunday afternoon. It is a silent retreat which takes place during those times.

What should I expect on a prayer weekend?
Many people have discovered a deeper awareness of a very real and living God. They have discovered His presence and how to hear His voice. There is also a deeper understanding of ourselves especially as seen through His eyes. Please read also the testimonies. Expect therefore to sometimes be challenged but mostly to find that inner peace which is God’s will for you.

Who is invited?
The retreat is open to anyone who wants to experience any of the above, whether they have been on retreats before or are newcomers; whether they have a strong faith or are just beginning to ask questions. All we ask is that people come just as they are and at whatever stage of their faith journey. We will be alone with God on our particular, very individual journey but we will be together in our pilgrimage.

How do I book?
For Quiet days, either in-person or by zoom, email mo@bestillwithgod.org.uk For weekends and 5 day retreats choose which date you wish to attend and complete the booking form on the appropriate page (see the menu to the right).

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer details available by request.  All details are included on the booking forms.  A £10 non-refundable deposit is required for weekend booking, a £20 non-refundable for self-catered 5 day retreats and £40 non-refundable for catered 5 day bookings. The remittance will be due three weeks before your retreat or weekend.

Are meals included?
Some retreats are fully catered and this will be stated on the booking forms.
For the Quiet Days (in-person) we all bring our own lunches but drinks are provided. Weekends at Loreto are completely self catered. Kitchens are fully equipped with fridges and microwaves and I advise that each person brings food that is quick and easy to prepare so that they spend as little time as possible in the kitchen (e.g. ready meals). Drinks will need to be brought also at Loreto.

What should I bring with me?
The usual things you would pack for a residential weekend away. Our retreat centres provide all bedding and towels. You will need your toiletries and perhaps an alarm clock (you will also need food for a quiet day or weekend).  Other than that, just a Bible, notebook and pen.

How should I prepare for my silent retreat or prayer weekend?
The best way to experience a time away is to try to make it as uninterrupted as possible. Family and friends could be advised that for the length of time, other than in an emergency of course, you will not be available and wish to be undisturbed. If your mobile phone could be switched off during the retreat, so much the better.

What if my question isn’t answered here?
You can contact Mo Surrey by filling in this form.